It's so much more than furniture.

Furniture belongs in homes, not on the trash

The European furniture industry has an annual turnover of 84 billion euros, but only 2% of furniture is circular and gets a second or third life. Instead, 10.8 million tonnes of furniture go to landfill or incineration every year.

Hypha is here to change that. Our products are fully circular, they never turn into waste. Once you decide to return your items, we make sure that they are fit to be rented out again or recycled. This saves energy, materials and emissions.

Our partner brands are committed to sustainability themselves and produce responsibly as well as long-lasting products.

New furniture has never been so convenient.

Free delivery, no need to worry about assembly and return it once you don't need or like it anymore. Hypha gives you full freedom and flexibility. Once returned, we ensure a proper cleaning and refurbishment.

Our curated design packages make you look like an interior designer and transform your home in the blink of an eye. Handy, right?

No upfront investment.

Furniture can be a considerable investment. But how long do you actually need it and do you even like it two years from now? By renting our products, you have full flexibility - just return the furniture as soon as it isn't needed anymore or your taste has changed. No risk of investing in the wrong furniture anymore.

About hypha

Hypha launched in 2020 with the conviction that the idea of rental, reuse and refurbishment can fundamentally transform the furniture industry. A furniture industry that doesn't involve so much compromise. Affordable and high-quality products. Convenience and circularity. It can all go hand in hand and still address the needs of our modern life - evolving tastes, fluctuating budgets, and people moving to new places very frequently.

It's still a long way to go but together we can change things for the better. We are looking forward to having you on board!


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