We launched homemate's rental service in 2021 with the conviction that the idea of rental, reuse and refurbishment can fundamentally transform the furniture industry. It’s an industry where many customers need to make compromises between quality, affordability and sustainability.

Our concept shows that the three can go hand in hand and still address the needs of our modern life — evolving tastes, fluctuating budgets, and people moving around a lot.

It's still a long way to go but together we can change things for the better! Let's create the new normal.

Sustainability isn’t a sprint

Circularity drives us in everything we do. But we realise that big change starts with small choices. Choices that are sometimes not the most sustainable ones, but enable us to grow and increase our impact.

That's why we decided that 100% of our partner products must be produced in Europe. But we work hard to make these supply chains as local as possible. One step at a time until we disrupt the industry and turn our backs on “fast furniture“.

Meet our Partners

Slowing down the interior industry isn't possible without dedicated partners. That's why we collaborate with ambitious and committed companies supporting us in our mission. We are proud to have you on board.

Roel Bovendeert


Florian Fuchs