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Premium products to master home office!


incl. VAT

by Sedus

The certified se:motion net allows you to adjust to a wide range of comfortable seating positions. It also includes height-adjustable armrests. The perfect companion for your home offices.
Recommended retail price by Sedus: €457


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by Sedus

The se:joy brings lightness and flow into your home. It offers seating comfort from the very first moment. There is also a rocking mechanism that enables active and relaxed sitting positions.
Recommended retail price by Sedus: €430


incl. VAT

by Sedus

The awarded se:fit stool of Sedus offers a dynamic seat, designed to encourage movement. It can be used at a standing desk or anywhere where agility is required. Recommended retail price by Sedus: €198


incl. VAT

by Sedus

The secretair desk is a space-saver for any room and the perfect solution for everybody in need of a compact workstation. It's a sitting desk and can be combined perfectly with one of our chairs. Recommended retail price by Sedus: €424


incl. VAT

by Sedus

The premium sit-stand desk from Sedus is perfect for both home and office use. A fully adjustable desk, with multiple height settings. Size: 140 x 80 cm. Recommended retail price by Sedus: €935



by fully

The Jaswig is designed to be compact, lightweight and adjustable. It can function as a sitting as well as a standing desk and fits perfectly into small spaces.
Retail price: €349


incl. VAT


Our converter turns your table into a standing desk. The hydraulic lift gives you the freedom of choice to sit or stand. Once your working day is over, simply tuck away the converter.
Retail price: €349

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Why our rental offer is a no-brainer

Your body will thank you

Studies link sitting a lot and sitting in wrong positions to health problems, such as heart disease, obesity as well as back, neck and shoulder pain. Boost your productivity by keeping a healthy posture on an ergonomic chair or at a standing desk! 

Save money

Office furniture is a considerable investment and you never know how long it’s needed. By renting our products, you have full flexibility – just return the furniture as soon as it isn’t needed anymore.* 


Enjoy our all-inclusive service, from delivery to pick-up. All you have to do is order, lean back and enjoy.  


Our products are fully circular, they never turn into waste. Once you decide to return your items, we make sure that they are fit to be rented out again or recycled. This saves energy, materials and emissions. 

We only purchase from brands that are committed to sustainability themselves. By minimising their footprint, Sedus and fully, provide products that support our mission: Use business as a force for good.


* Please note that the minimum rental period is 3 months

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You'll hear from us

Once you subscribed to the waiting list, we'll reach out to you to inform you about the delivery date and payment options. Does your employer support the purchase of home office products? Let us know and we can arrange the order and payment directly with your employer.


Delivery (End of February)

We'll make sure that your products are delivered and installed for free. So that you can fully focus on the important things. Please note that we can offer our service only to customers living in the Netherlands.


Cancel your subscription

You can cancel your subscription any time after the minimum rental period (3 months). We'll come along and pick-up your rentals.

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